Small Business VoIP Service

Our History

A Void was filled when I discovered Asterisk IP PBX.

The idea to provide IP PBX Phone Service for Small Businesses and Medical Offices came about when I first started a business back in 2004.  I wanted a Phone Service for my 4 person office that has basic call features like call forwarding, transferring, holding, voicemail, and a greeting with menu (IVR).  I researched and quickly found out that I had to spend a small fortune in a Centrex or PBX system that could costs upwards of Tens of Thousands of Dollars.  While the amount is small change for larger Corporations, it is a lot of money for a Small Office.

At that time, I could not afford one of those systems so I did what a typical Small Business would do.  I purchased a few lines from the Phone Company and made sure one had an Answering Machine built in.  It was as basic as it could get but got the job done.

A few years later, I ran across Asterisk IP PBX system which changed everything I knew about full featured Phone System.  Since that time, I have used Asterisk IP PBX using Analog Telephone Lines, PRI trunks, and SIP trunks with amazing results.
Then it hit me:  I need to provide this to Small Businesses and Medical Offices so that they too can take advantage of these amazing features at a very reasonable cost.  That is how Express Interconnect, parent company to Express Voice PBX was started.

What We Do

Provide Feature Rich & Cost Effective Hosted VoIP Service to Small Businesses and Medical Offices

Express Voice PBX and Express Interconnect provides Quality Hosted VoIP implementation, and support for Small Businesses and Medical Offices throughout the World.

We specialize in providing a Full Featured PBX quality Phone Service with all the available functions to Small Businesses and Medical Offices.  Functions such as IVR (Inbound Voice Response), Auto Attendant, Call forwarding, Call transfer, Virtual Conference Rooms, Video conferencing, BLF (Busy Lamp Field0, etc. are available and included in our Hosted VoIP Plans.  Previously, these functions were reserved for expensive PBX systems that costs tens of thousands of dollars and were out of the reach for Small Businesses and Medical Offices.

We are also a reseller of IP Phones through our webstore:  VoIP Phones Direct and have access to vast VoIP resources through our channels.

If you have any questions on Voice over IP, IP PBX, or IP Phones, please feel free to email me at and I will gladly help you with your needs.  And there is no pressure to purchase my product or service as I also hate being pressured to do anything and think you deserve better than that also.

Who We Are

Portland, Oregon based Hosted VoIP Phone Service Provider for Small Business | Medical Office installations


Express Voice PBX and Express Interconnect is based in the Metro Portland, Oregon area and specializes in providing Quality Hosted VoIP Phone Service to Small Businesses and Medical Offices.  While we are based in the beautiful Northwest, we provide service throughout the World.