Business Pro VoIP Plan

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Business Pro VoIP:

Perfect for Small Businesses and Medical Offices with up to 10 Extensions and Virtual Conferencing

Up to 10 Phones / Extensions Included:
10 Phones can be programmed into the System to provide versatility and more utility making it perfect for a Small Business or Medical Office.

Unlimited Local and Long  Distance Minutes:
All Phones / Extensions share Unlimited Local and Long Distance minutes per billing cycle.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls:
Unlike traditional telephone lines or other providers, ExpressVoice PBX Plans give you Unlimited number of Concurrent Calls.  Even with a single phone, this comes in handy as you can have multiple calls on Hold or Transferred without limit.

Inbound Calling Number + Transfer your Existing Number:
Each Plan comes with Five Inbound Calling Number for the Region you choose to be used as you see fit.  These Incoming Numbers are commonly used as a Main Number, Fax Number, and Virtual Conference Rooms.  Additional Incoming Numbers are $2 each per month.

You can Transfer your Existing Number over to ExpressVoice PBX to avoid re-printing your marketing materials or notifying your existing customers of your new number.

Custom IVR with Auto Attendant:
An IVR can be custom created for you to fit your exact needs.  The IVR Menu matched to an Auto Attendant can be used to sort incoming calls efficiently.

Advanced Call Routing Features:
Advanced Features such as Call Forwarding and Follow Me can be Configured for you by our Technician.  Additionally, Call Transfers and Hunt Group can be Configured to route calls more efficiently.

Virtual Conferencing:
One Virtual Conference Room can be created and will enable you to have  conference call with multiple parties with ease.

BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Feature:
BLF Allows a Receptionist to monitor the status of each phones to help guide with call routing.  Typically, it is used to determine whether someone is on the phone or they are free.  If the Extension is busy, the calls are generally transferred directly to voicemail.

Voicemail to Email:
Your Voicemails will be emailed to your address on file as an attachment so that you never miss an important message.

E911 Emergency Dialing:
ExpressVoice PBX makes it a point to offer this at No additional charge for your peace of mind.

Inbound & Outbound Caller ID Name and Number:
Incoming Calls will show its Caller ID Name and Number at No additional charge.  Outbound Caller ID Name can be set to fit your Company.

NO Contract:
All ExpressVoice PBX Hosted VoIP Plans are paid on a Month to Month basis.  No Long Term contract is required.

Advanced Features

Inbound IVR
Auto Attendant
Busy Lamp Field
Call Forwarding
Follow Me
Hunt Group
Call Transfer
Virtual Conference Room
Music on Hold
Outbound Caller ID Name
Outbound Caller ID Number
Inbound Caller ID Name

All Inclusive Pricing

$249.95 Per Month
$199 Setup Fee

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