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Small Businesses Utilizing Hosted VoIP Phone Service Benefits from Advanced PBX Functionality Provided by ExpressVoice PBX.

ExpressVoice PBX, a Hosted VoIP Provider with Services Designed for Small Business is pleased to offer Full PBX Features in its line of Hosted VoIP Phone Service.  Highly Sought-After PBX Features such as Auto Attendant, Advanced Call Routing, BLF, Music on Hold, Call parking, Virtual Conferencing, and Voicemail to Email are Available to Meet Specific Business Needs.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) January 28, 2013

In this Digital Age of emails, instant messaging, texting, and social media sites – what’s missing is good ole CUSTOMER SERVICE – with a knowledgeable person on the other end of the telephone.  To provide the service customers still value, small businesses need a robust and flexible phone system that can be customized and also expand to meet their changing needs.

Problem:  Small businesses need a phone system with traditional PBX functionality which often times cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Along with being costly, it requires a physical PBX equipment that can be noisy and spacing consuming.  Traditional PBX systems also requires a bank of telephone lines – with complex pricing per line – or a dedicated circuit from a provider.

Solution:  Hosted VoIP Phone Service from ExpressVoice PBX utilizes existing internet connection for connectivity.  Basic requirements for a Hosted VoIP service are:  a stable internet connection and IP based phones at each location.

Hosted VoIP Phone Service by ExpressVoice PBX allows Small Businesses to have following features:

  • Simple Flat Rate Pricing
  • Unlimited Concurrent Calls
  • Auto Attendant with Custom Menu
  • Music on Hold
  • Advanced Call Routing
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Groups
    • Follow Me
    • 4 Digit Internal Dialing
  • BLF (Busy Lamp Field)
  • Call Parking and Pickup
  • Voicemail to Email
  • 3 Virtual Conference Rooms
  • Multi Location Capable for Remote Offices
  • Unlimited Changes to Dial Plan
  • Month to Month:  No Contract to Sign
  • NO Bulky PBX equipment to purchase
  • NO Warranty Issues with PBX equipment
  • NO Complex Individual Phone Lines to Obtain from the Phone Company

With the flexibility offered by ExpressVoice PBX Hosted VoIP service, small business can properly route all incoming calls correctly to enhance efficiency and consistency.  Feature such as Auto Attendant Menu also allows the calls to be routed to the correct person the first time – reducing customer dissatisfaction.

Jeff Bauer of Rubicon, Inc. selected ExpressVoice PBX hosted solution after initially wanting their own dedicated Asterisk IP PBX server says, “Express Interconnect provides us with a customized solution that fit our needs exactly.  We would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in a hosted VoIP service.”

“ExpressvoicePBX provides a great, personalized VOIP solution. The place where they really shine is the awesome customer service. No way can any big box carrier provide such fast and personalized support where I can call a number and know the name of the person who’s going to pick up the phone. Tony has worked with us endlessly to insure that the VOIP setup is suited to our needs and has gone out of his way to troubleshoot and help us adjust any aspects of the system to make it work flawlessly.” says Eduard Shlahtichman of Anderson &  Wanca.

Starting at $99.95 per month for 5 Extensions with 5000 minutes, ExpressVoice PBX line of hosted Voice over IP phone service is a solution for Small Businesses looking for a full function phone system that is easy to deploy and maintain.


About Express Interconnect
Based in Wilsonville, OR, Express Interconnect ( provides Asterisk IP PBX Consulting and Implementation using Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud platform while its hosted VoIP division, ExpressVoice PBX ( provides fully Plug and Play Voice over IP phone system for small businesses seeking advanced PBX features.  The company’s mission is to supply small businesses with an affordable, reliable and robust telephony platform that can quickly expand easily.

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